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Project Gusti

The project “Gusti” was born with the intention of creating a packaging that is capable of promptly transmitting the properties of the product.
The label’s graphic concept allows us to imagine the fragrances and the aromas as visual interpretations, thanks to the calibrated use of the colours.
The selected colours and hues for each product are the result of an accurate analysis of the peculiar features of the wine, carried out by a team of professional oenologists cumulatively representing 178 years of experience.
This group, led by the well-known Italian sommelier Stefano Ferrando, carefully have developed descriptive profiles for each wine.
Thanks to these evaluations, it was possible to create a detailed description of the products. The experts’ analysis has made it possible to understand which scents and flavours characterise each wine, allowing to associate each product with specific colours that enhance its identity, making the graphics with chromatic bands unique, original and, especially, not coincidental.
The result is a series of labels that use design to communicate the unique flavour of the wine they contain.

Dolcetto di Ovada D.O.C.

Deep ruby with a remarkable colour mass. Bright purple reflexes. Intense and sophisticated on the nose. Red ripe fruits like currant, blackberries, and cherries. A well outlined note of violet. Spices in succession, primarily vanilla, black pepper, and coffee.It expresses itself with remarkable correspondence offering a fraught sip that leaves the mouth clean, thanks to a truly protagonist freshness and to the not intrusive tannins. A note of very pleasant liquorice closes this beautiful taste. An averagely persistent wine that we would match with “lasagne” or with guinea fowl cooked in the embers “al coppo”.

Gavi D.O.C.G. del Comune di Gavi

Medium intensity straw-yellow in colour, good luminosity. Primarily on the nose are floral fragrances, especially acacia and linden flowers; notes of fruit in succession, a light peach notes first, closing with aromatic herbs from the Mediterranean. In the mouth it expresses itself coherently, a remarkable flavour accompanied by a nice freshness that leaves the palate extremely clean. An almonds aroma is perceived as an olfactory aftertaste. A balanced and pleasantly smooth sip. A ready wine, to be matched with traditional local dishes like “pansotti” with walnut sauce or “cappon magro”. Other possible matches could be a simple aromatic herb risotto or a fish main course, like common bass baked in foil with salt potatoes.

Barbera del Monferrato D.O.C.

Dense ruby with an intense weave. Fine range of perfumes, variegated especially in fruit in the form of preserves of almost every red fruit. Balsamic notes accompanied by a sweet vanilla note on the background. A potent sip but not heavy. Excellent cleaning, also thanks to an optimal integration of the tannins, never too evident. Leaving the glass at rest, and also after a while in the mouth, notable and pleasant balsamic notes. Suggested match: “cotechino” with fondue or a classic mixed boil meat dish with green sauce.