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Our History


For more than three generations, the Tacchino Family has produced wines that are well-known for their quality. Alessio and Romina represent the new generation, inheriting the passion for these lands from their grandfather Carletto, the founder, and from their father Luigi.
Employing the best production techniques and the support of a trusted team of oenologists and agronomists, Romina and Alessio add value to a wine that is already intrinsically good. The Tacchino winery was founded in Castelletto d’Orba, in Piemonte’s Alto Monferrato, around the second half of the last century. Among these prestigious lands, rich in tradition, flows the production of white Gavi and red Dolcetto di Ovada and Barbera del Monferrato, which are still today the most precious pearls of the company. Together with these wines, and thanks to the loving and skilful processing of the hills and the grapes generated by them, the winery has developed equally precious wines that complement the more traditional ones.