D.O.C.G. del Comune di Gavi

First year of production 1998
Grapes Cortese del Comune di Gavi
Exposition prevalent south
Altimetry 300-320 metres ASL
Type of soil Clayey-marls
System of growth Guyot, 4200 plants per hectare
Medium age of vine in production 25 yeah
Yeld of grapes per hectare 80 q.
Time of grape harvest first weekin October
Fermentation crio maceration for 36 hours in stainless steel vats termocontrolled 18° C
Lenght of fermentation three weeks
Malolactic fermentation developed
Conditions and duration of the perfection at least 7 months in the bottles
Alcohol content 13%vol

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Dolcetto di Ovada D.O.C.
Barbera del Moferrato D.O.C.
Barbera del Moferrato D.O.C. frizzante
Gavi D.O.C.G. del Comune di Gavi
Marsenca Cortese dell'alto Monferrato D.O.C.
Trivolì Cortese dell'alto Monferrato D.O.C.